Mauricio N (TripAdvisor)

I honestly recommend this hotel! We had a great time!

This hotel is actually pretty nice! I definitely recommend it! It’s right across from the beach, for which they offer services like if you want beach chairs and towels and stuff. Also, they offer a bunch of tours and trips that you can purchase in the front desk.
I also personally loved that they have a Subway in the lobby because you can just buy sandwiches and snacks and just walk over to the beach and eat there. I did that every day with my friends while we were there .

But honestly more than anything, the coolest part was that the people working there were super cool. I don’t know if it’s a Miami thing but the people that work here are amazing. They were super helpful and lively with us. Most of the people working where young so they really helped with the vacation experience!

It was overall just pretty cool